Partner API overview

GRS is a global rewards fulfillment platform that enables you to place orders for rewards via a straightforward SOAP API. We also offer a flat-file/CSV integration option over SFTP.

Comprehensive API documentation and support is available to all GRS customers. If desired, we will assign a business analyst to personally assist new partners with their integration.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us. Our goal is to make it easy for you to integrate our rewards platform with any loyalty/recognition/performance solution, website, game, or app.

Overview of GRS workflow

  • GRS provides Partners access to rewards catalogs that are relevant to their regional market(s). Typical catalogs include merchandise, gift cards, travel rewards, event tickets, and more.
  • Partners login to our web-based Partner Portal to create customized reward selections, known as Rewards Galleries. Each Reward Gallery is associated with a particular language and currency, and contains a selection of available rewards from one or more catalogs.
  • Developers can use our Partner API to query for Galleries associated with their account, and search for rewards within their galleries by keyword, price range, and other criteria.
  • Developers can place orders for any reward(s) via a single API call containing product ID(s) and shipping information.
  • The status of all orders is available within the Partner Portal. Alternately, developers can query the status of any order via the API.

Partner API functionality overview

The GRS Partner API exposes the following high-level functionality. Comprehensive documentation is available to all GRS partners.

  • Query available Galleries in partner account
  • Query Catalogs available to partner account
  • Get rewards by category
  • Get details for a given reward
  • Search functions
  • Place orders with a single API call, placeOrder(), passing the product ID(s) and shipping information as arguments
  • Query the status of existing orders

Supplier API overview

Our rewards suppliers integrate either via SOAP API, flat-file/CSV via SFTP, or use our web-based fulfillment interface.

All GRS Suppliers are given access to our web-based Supplier Portal where they can define their Catalog of rewards offerings, manage pricing and specials, and oversee incoming orders and their status.

If you are a supplier, or would like grow your business by becoming a supplier and tapping into our global audience of rewards customers, please contact us.