Giving with Global Reward Solutions

The Global Reward Solutions Charitable Giving Program enables members to donate to causes they care about using their points. This global offering encompasses charitable organizations as internationally recognizable as The Red Cross, and as community-focused as your local minor hockey association; with millions of global organizations in between. That means your members can donate both at home and abroad.  

Helping the less fortunate is very important for humanity and is something taken with the utmost importance for GRS. This is why GRS offers a global Charitable Giving catalog that continues to help those in need. Networked with millions of causes worldwide, GRS allows donations to charities such as United Way, OXFAM Australia, Children’s Hospital, Heart and Stroke Foundation, UNICEF Mexico, The Humane Society of the United States, Cancer Research UK, Make-A-Wish Foundation and many more. GRS even includes thousands of local charities to donate to so that smaller charities can benefit as well.

The GRS Charitable Giving catalogue offers your members a great way to burn points while making the world a better place. GRS offers many low redemption rewards so that your members are spending all of their points and this includes rewards for charities. Having low redemption options for charities entices your members to spend more – so that they can give more. It’s a great way for users to put their leftover points to great use as the functionality of the catalogue allows you to select the dollar value of the donation you would like to make and can be as little as 1 dollar. Having leftover points that hang around can be a liability for companies and what better way to spend those points than to help others. And Just like any other reward, your members can top off their points through PayPal or by using a credit card.

GRS strives to do its part in helping the world using the power it has, and what better way to do so then to help others help the less fortunate.