GRS Global Gift Cards

Global Reward Solutions boasts the most extensive catalog of rewards at over 20 million globally. This reward mix boasts many redeemable items such as merchandise, hotel and travel, gift cards, charities, mobile top-up, and Global Savings. All of these categories contain many brand names and experiences that create a reward mix which is powerful enough to foster heavy engagement amongst the reward program. A big piece of the GRS reward mix continues to be the GRS global gift card offerings which are available in over 100 countries.

GRS Gift Cards

The GRS Reward Cloud gives members access to over 850 physical and virtual retail gift card brands globally at amazing discount rates. Included in this catalog are top name brands such as Amazon, iTunes, Groupon, Cabela’s, Nintendo, and many others. Gift card prices range from as low as $5, all the way to $500 dollars so that any amount of points can be spent. GRS’ extensive catalog continues to grow as more brands are added in monthly to offer the best reward mix possible. Having a gift card catalog that provides this much value increases engagement among members and helps various industries implement a profitable reward program with little liability.  

Global Gift Cards

Gift Card industry

Gift cards are some of the most requested items as gifts and this shows with the industry being worth over 100 billion with an average annual growth rate of 10%. The industry is so big and extensive that an estimated 1 billion dollars of unspent gift cards remain annually. Consumers prefer them because it gives them the ability to spend it on whatever they would like instead of having an item chosen for them. GRS considers all of the needs and wants of industries and consumers to offer the best selection of gift cards possible.

Helping Industries

Being a big part of the reward mix, gift cards offer a great way to burn points for members who have small account balances. GRS offers gift cards for as low as $5, which benefits many industries. Industries such as the travel industry (who are heavy adopters of rewards programs) are often met with the liability of having leftover points sitting in many accounts. The reason this occurs is that most airline passengers use an airline once or twice a year and collect points those few times. Many reward programs do not offer low-redemption rewards and are not able to accommodate these consumers since there isn’t anything available for redemption. GRS global gift cards solve this problem by giving industries such as the travel industry an advantage through the convenience of low denomination rewards that act as easy point burners. Having the option to spend all of these points helps the travel industry save money and improve engagement among one-time consumers.

The Right Reward Mix

Global Reward Solutions makes sure to deliver the right reward mix and the global gift card offerings are no exception. Just like with the other reward categories, GRS delivers the broadest selection of gift cards and is working diligently to further expand its global presence. This is done by understanding the gift card industry and its client industries engagement statistics and behaviors and applying the correct solutions. The right reward mix requires gift cards and having a complete reward mix is key for member engagement as it allows more reward choice and personalization.