New Brands Available in Global Reward Solutions

This week we have many new brands being added to the Global Reward Solutions extensive catalog in the USA and Canada! These brands will add hundreds of rewards that will give your members even more products to spend their points on.  Listed below are the new brands:




Fashion – These brands offer some of the highest quality fashion apparel for men.

Arrow – Providing handcrafted ties with hundreds of products.

Haight & Ashbury – Canadian fashion company that sells top quality men’s fashion bowties and other accessories.

Cufflinks Inc. – Cufflinks Inc. provides exceptional male accessories that have been widely popular since 1999.

Linea In – Men’s bow ties and regular ties that come in many designs.

Movado Bold – Movado offers high-quality watches with a sophisticated design.

Everki – A global brand that sells stylish and sophisticated laptop bags meant for today’s professionals.


Home Furnishing – The new brands below offer products that are sure to make your household more comfortable.

VERSANORA – Versanora sells modern furniture including their very popular floor lamps.

Duck Covers – Selling high-quality covers for outdoor furniture and vehicles.


Fun Stuff – Who needs a bike when you can Pogo?

Flybar – Flybar has been around since 1918 and is known as the “Original Pogo Stick Company”.




Home Comfort – Your home should be your personal space and these new brands will help personalize your home with beautiful aesthetics.

Baum – Baum offers high-quality dinnerware sets at affordable prices.

DownTown Company – The Downtown Company product line includes a wide range of luxury pillows and comforters which are made hypoallergenic.

Elite Home – Premium bedsheets and blankets are the bread and butter of Elite Home.

LR Home – Eco-friendly throw pillows made from jute yarns and soft cotton.

Mele & Co – Family owned since 1912, Mele & Co produce some of the highest quality fine jewelry display cases.

Over and Back – An international company that sells beautiful and creative tabletop ceramics to retailers around the world.


Lighting – GRS has added new brands which offer top quality and efficient lighting for your home or business.

Fangio Lighting – Producing lighting products for showrooms and the hospitality industry for over 30 years.

Harrison Lane – Established in 1978, Harrison lane has become one of the top manufacturers of lighting products including beautiful chandeliers.