One Cloud, Millions of Rewards

Over 10 million of the world’s coolest rewards are now available for your program. Reward Cloud delivers merchandise to 185 countries plus enables virtual rewards such as event tickets, retail & prepaid gift cards, mobile top-up & online travel.

The Reward Cloud simplifies your program management with a single dashboard that centralizes all activities.

Personalized Storefront

Our member Storefront, personalized by our revolutionary Rewards AI, offers a beautiful, customizable interface that makes searching and redeeming more fun than ever. Using machine learning, the Personalized Storefront suggests rewards that are more personally meaningful for every individual.

Storefront + API

Our beautiful, customizable storefront interface is designed to make it easy for members to find and choose the rewards they want. Our robust, state-of-the-art technology consolidates millions of reward items, with constant updates to present the latest rewards options.

Salesforce Integration

Reward Cloud, Global Savings, and Gift Codes integrate into Salesforce through AppExchange. This means you can use our products with the most popular and widely used CRM software on the planet. By integrating our solutions into different systems, we ensure software uniformity and ease of access for our clients.

Add the GRS App within Salesforce and instantly reward your sales or channel partners for their success.

Custom Branded Storefronts

We can showcase your products and offers with beautifully designed custom branded storefronts. These unique pages feature your recognizable brand style and an innovative gallery that makes it easy to browse and buy from your curated selection of products, offers and experiences.

Reward Cloud Features

Create customized client galleries & catalogues

Reward data refreshes daily across all categories

Full order tracking and reporting

Automated daily merchandise and travel ‘Specials’

98% of all items are delivered within 2-3 business days within the US

Automated global currency conversions to ensure financial integrity

Global tax compliance and reporting

GRS Point Bank tracks all member point balances

Integrated with PayPal & Apple Pay to enable members to securely top-up their points

Companies can customize the look and feel of their reward galleries by client

Real-time reporting and order tracking

24/7 global Tier 2 support team connected via an integrated ticketing system

The Reward Cloud is transforming engagement in every industry

Financial Institutions

The Rewards Cloud is helping financial services organizations transform their interactions with their customers and employees. We help banks and insurance companies reward their loyal customers, boost employee engagement, and power up customer prospecting programs.

Health & Wellness

Wearable technology and activity tracking software is revolutionizing consumer health and wellness. We’re at the forefront of helping companies reward their members for living an active lifestyle, with a wide range of wellness-focussed rewards and configurable programs that inspire activity.

Travel & Hospitality

With more than 80% of airline passengers flying only twice a year and earning less than 5,000 mileage points, airlines have few low-value options to reward these customers, and accumulate a complex ‘point debt’. With Rewards Cloud, we can help airlines and hospitality companies minimize that liability by offering their members thousands of unique and attractive redemption options at lower point values.


We empower retail businesses by providing a robust reward solution for their employees and for their consumers. Using rewards to increase customer loyalty and employee engagement plays a big part in the retail industry, and our focus is on driving more traffic to your business. Earning points for shopping at a retailer increases brand loyalty and drives traffic.


Thousands of charities around the globe trust GRS to develop fundraising programs to help them fuel growth and expand their services. From schools to community groups, we can help your cause.

Employee Engagement

How emotionally committed are your employees to your business? If not truly engaged, an employee will not be as productive, curious, passionate and dedicated as you need them to be. Employee engagement is simply the most critical factor to your long term success. Our solutions are designed specifically to ignite employee engagement — helping you attract and retain top tier talent and boost productivity and profitability.

Home Automation

We may not (yet) have jetpacks, but for millions of people, smart home products are a simple way to bring the future into their home. Affordable and fun, our curated range of cameras, lights, smart speakers, switches, thermostats (and more!) can free your members from worrying about household ‘infrastructure’ and bring the rewards of security, control and comfort to their home.