Simplified Rewards Worldwide

With one API you can now procure rewards in one country…or one hundred countries.

Personalized by a Revolutionary Rewards AI

Inspiring positive outcomes and creating true behaviour change requires motivational rewards that are personally meaningful. We use machine learning and neural net algorithms to find what your members will love. Enriched by patterns of the rewards a member has searched, clicked, or redeemed for, our Reward AI suggests new rewards that match their interests. The Personalized Storefront Reward AI truly personalizes the shopping experience, making it more engaging and rewarding for your members.

Securely Unlock Any Digital or Prepaid Gift Card

With gift cards, virtual gift codes and virtual Visa and Mastercard prepaid debit cards quickly becoming popular reward options, the Personalized Storefront makes it easier to find the perfect reward from among hundreds of brands. Just pick a card, pick the denomination and click redeem. For virtual cards, members will receive an email with a link and verification code that will securely unlock their reward. It takes just seconds and protects your member’s privacy.

Creating a climate for change.

As a company with millions of users across 185 countries, CarltonOne believes we have the global capability to make a significant climate change impact. We are a proud member of the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative. For every merchandise and gift card transaction, we’re funding the planting of new native trees around the world with our Evergrow eco-action sustainability initiative. In partnership with Eden Reforestation, our funding helps local communities thrive as they plant and protect new forests and mangroves. And by using local vendor sourcing and delivery, we can deliver rewards faster with no extra duties or taxes, and with a more responsible environmental profile.

Seamless Integration

We’ve engineered Rewards Cloud to be easy to connect with clear APIs and friendly onboarding support. And as your business grows, Rewards Cloud can scale to offer more features, more rewards, and even availability in regions around the globe.

Painless Management

You come to work every day to grow your business, not wrangle rewards programs. That’s our expertise. We manage the fulfillment of over 10 million items, for thousands of companies, in 38 languages, 63 currencies and 185 countries… so you don’t have to. We’ve built Rewards Cloud to help efficiently engage, inspire and motivate your employees and customers, all while minimizing the time you need to spend worrying about it.


Loyal, repeat customers help grow your business. Our GRS solutions increase customer loyalty by motivating them to spend points on the rewards they love. Our vast catalogue includes many low-point redemption items (like gift cards for as low as $5) — helping ensure that every customer gets an opportunity to experience the thrill of receiving a reward, and keeping your outstanding point liability low. By creating a positive shopping experience that keeps customers coming back, we help your keep those repeat consumers while attracting new ones.

Procurement Engine

We are a global procurement company that always feels local. Based in North America, we have offices around the world including China, Australia, and the UK. Our skilled network of in-country procurement specialists purchase rewards locally, enabling faster delivery, and lower taxes and duties. We reduce procurement overhead by managing all of the processes and data, and have responsive 24/7 customer service to answer your questions and resolve any issues. To simplify currency details, we covert all currencies (currently 63) on the same day and at the current rate.


Financing purchases within the loyalty space is a completely new option. Our variable recurring payment solution provides “instant financing” to programs. The Storefront user experience seamlessly integrates instant financing requirements, including the presentation of recurring payment amounts by payment term, the capture of the desired payment method, and the execution of a credit check. Our financing option is the first of its kind and allows you to finance with points or credit. We have many payment options available such as Apple Pay and PayPal.

Global Tax Compliance

GRS offers complete tax transparency and compliance, giving you full access to all tax information necessary for seamless reward transactions.

Innovative Technology that Works


We give a new meaning to the word “international” by encompassing literally the entire planet in 185+ countries

24/7 Customer

Our friendly and responsive support team is always happy to help solve your problems ASAP


Automated daily supplier updates help eliminate out of stocks, while maximizing member satisfaction

Order Tracking

We provide real-time order tracking, so you can check your order at any time

GRS Dashboard

Our GRS dashboard provides instant transparency on all performance metrics and rewards costs


An expansive inventory of over 20 million rewards is available so that you’re getting exactly what you want


Our quick connect API enables you to launch customizable reward platforms by customer

Global Currency

We process orders locally in local currency and consolidate all orders into a single currency of your choice


We strive to ensure a culturally relevant reward list by sourcing in-country reward offers while mitigating costly duties and taxes... this lets us ship rewards overnight

We Care About the World

Ethical Sourcing

GRS is committed to ensuring that all of our rewards are ethically sourced, in every country that we operate.

Cultural Relevance

We have buyers based in each region who source local in-country products and services that are culturally relevant.